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Thank you Gig Harbor voters for re-electing Jeni Woock Gig Harbor City Council. I will be joined on the council next year with new members Brenda Lynkins, Roger Henderson, Seth Storsett and new Mayor Tracie Markley!!!!! Thank you to our GH police officers, firefighters, city employees and city supervisors and their union for your support! Honored to be on your team working for Gig Harbor citizens.

Dear Neighbors, 

Promises Kept
Four years ago I made a promise that if elected I would vote for slower growth, hold developers accountable and always put our citizens first.

Since then: 

  • high density developments and clear cutting of trees have been reduced

  • the blue heron's nesting site and Soundview Forest is preserved

  • developers are now paying their fair share of impact fees 

  • special "deals" between developers and the city are gone 

  • I have given safety a priority by voting for pedestrian crossing lights, sidewalks near schools and dangerous Burnham Dr and additional police officers

  • I voted for grants to assist small business, non profits and seniors

  • I voted to forgive $588,000 in utility bills for citizens during COVID

Transparency is the citizen's right to know; it's important to you and it's important to me. That's why in 2018 I initiated the Council Vote Tracker Page.  For the first time citizens can easily find council votes in one location. For the first time citizens can easily find council meeting recordings and listen to why council members vote a certain way.

It is the citizens' money that keep our city functioning and projects moving forward.  That's why in 2021 I initiated the Quarterly Budget Item Report.  For the first time, citizens can easily see every budgeted item, the cost, the percentage to completion and the reason a budgeted item may not happen in that budget year.

I have kept my promise to be available to you with monthly open house meetings, which became zoom meetings.  I listen to you and do my best to answer your emails. 

Preserving our local heritage is a responsibility I take seriously.  Eddon Boat Works, the History Museum, The Waterfront Association will continue to have my support, along with Ancich Park for kayakers and local fishermen. 




Representing you on the council, I will continue to vote for:

  •  slow growth

  •  infrastructure improvements

  •  transparency

  •  traffic calming measures

  •  a fiscally sound budget 

  •  I believe neighbors should have more of a say to what happens in their neighborhood

  •  local rule

Moving forward:

I voted to sign the contract with the YMCA for Phase 1 of the Sports Complex.  Phase 1A  will add athletic fields to Gig Harbor North. Phase 1B will add a park with pickle ball and other amenities for Gig Harbor North families.

I voted to end the lawsuit with Olympic Property Group, making sure the first business in the Village will be a new grocery.  Let's get this done!

Just like you, I love Gig Harbor. Preserving our unique community is my highest priority.  Helping to keep Gig Harbor functioning, healthy and safe gives citizens the quality of life we all want to see.  

The greatest honor of my life has been to serve you,  citizens of Gig Harbor. 

 I ask for the honor of your vote before November 2 to keep working together.  

Thank you

Jeni Woock   


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I am proud to be ENDORSED by Gig Harbor

through their union, Teamsters Joint Council 28.

Who do Gig Harbor citizens trust to get to you when you need their help the most.  Gig Harbor Firefighters.
Who do Gig Harbor citizens trust to keep you safe and our hometown crime free?  Gig Harbor Police Officers.  Yes, I believe in funding our police officers.
Who do Gig Harbor citizens trust to keep our city functioning with clean water, working sewers, clean parks, safe buildings, roads and helping you with your city needs? Gig Harbor city employees and supervisors.

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Barb and Ken Malich
No one loves Gig Harbor more than Barb and Ken Malich.  I'm grateful for their stories and education of our wonderful community. When Ken was on the council he shared a lot valuable wisdom and has been a wonderful mentor to me. I am very grateful for Barb and Ken's ENDORSEMENT!

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Representative Derek Kilmer
I am proud to have the ENDORSEMENT of Representative Derek Kilmer. 
With over a decade of experience working in economic development in the Puget Sound region, Derek Kilmer is focused on getting our economy and our Congress back to work.